Rodney King Palm Trees

When I was little my father would show me around Los Angeles and share the history of the city with me, he gained his knowledge through experience and stories. At the moment I still do not know how much of his anecdotal history is accurate. One of my fondest memories with my father is when … [Read more…]

Whiskey a Go Go

Whiskey a Go Go is a nightclub/rock club on the Sunset strip, whose influence is certainly not limited to the L.A. night life. Although it was not the first venue of the franchise, the original having opened in Chicago in 1958, 6 years before the L.A. establishment, it is assuredly the most famous. What separates … [Read more…]

Districts of Long Beach

For our group project, my colleagues and I took a trip around Long Beach to examine the way that economic divisions are still present in the city. The experience was quite enlightening, and helped me to see a city which is extremely familiar to me in an entirely new way. Starting at the Signal Hill … [Read more…]

Residual Districts

Yesterday my group and I traveled down Cherry Ave to explore the areas of Long Beach that used to be segregated into three different socioeconomic districts. These districts, outlined by the FHA, once facilitated the demographics of the area, restricting certain types of people from living there. Although these districts are not directly defined today, … [Read more…]

Redlining in Southern California

Quick criticism: For each of the projects write a paragraph that offers at least 5 points of constructive criticism or needs improvement and at least 4 points of positive feedback. Post this feedback to the appropriate blog entry by 5:00 p.m. tonight. Sign your initials to your feedback. Write your criticism/feedback here: David Van: I … [Read more…]