Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier is a staple for tourists who come to the sunny, beach side California. The pier first opened in 1909 and the amusement part of the pier later opened in 1969. The pier sees about ‘8 million’ people per year. The pier serves as a family area for many to come and enjoy … [Read more…]

405: Just A Freeway?

I live on the boarder of Orange County and Los Angeles County. Oddly enough, I use the freeway to travel between home and school. Each time I use the freeway there is a continuous flow of not only cars but construction. I ask myself, why is this construction taking this long to complete. So I … [Read more…]

The Late Late Show

If you are not aware, there is a CBS Television Program called “The Late Late Show” which is hosted by James Corden every week night. Each episode of the show is taped in the City of Los Angeles in front of a live audience. In my opinion this show is very unique in the way … [Read more…]

“Tiny Dancer” by Elton John

Elton John is an amazing artist (in my opinion) because his music always tends to make connections to life. “Tiny Dancer” is one of his most popular songs on his 1971 album Madman Across the Water. The song was written with the help of Bernie Taupin and was actually inspired by Taupin’s first wife. In … [Read more…]

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is one of my favorite fast food restaurants in Southern California. Therefore, I wanted to learn more about its history and also find out the significance of the crossed palm trees in front of In-N-Out locations. In-N-Out Burger is well loved in Southern California because of the food’s quality and the quick service. … [Read more…]

Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Cover-Up

Over the weekend I took my nephew to Disneyland for the first time. Though I grew up going to the park often, I had not been in a while because of how expensive Disneyland has become. Aside from the obvious changes to the park that draw in tons of tourists, like the addition of Galaxy’s … [Read more…]

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Art and the study of its appreciation has been established and encountered for thousands of years. It has a crucial role in history by encouraging the congregation, culture, and advancement of hundreds and thousands of societies, including that which has developed in Los Angeles. On March 6th and March 7th, 2020, I had the privilege … [Read more…]

Unconditional Surrender Statue

By Zoey Ferman The Unconditional Surrender Statue was one of the first attractions I visited when I first moved to San Diego. This Statue is also known as the “Embracing Peace” statue located in Tuna Wharf Park in San Diego, California. The Unconditional Surrender Statue is 25 feet tall, weighs 6,000 pounds and designed after … [Read more…]