Chicken Boy

Last weekend, I went on an adventure around the highland park area with some friends to find some weird and interesting sculptures or buildings when I spotted a marvelous statue of a half man half chicken. It was beautiful. Standing on top of a building was this giant man with a chicken head holding a … [Read more…]

Rancho Los Alamitos

This past Saturday I traveled to a hidden gem nestled inside the Bixby Hill Manor Apartments: Rancho Los Alamitos. This slice of land among the suburban houses represents the connection between greater Los Angeles and it’s Spanish/Mexican roots. Rancho Los Alamitos was originally much than the small amount of land it encompasses today. The original … [Read more…]

The Grove

Immediately after I stepped off the elevator the large crowd pushed me down the walkway and led me all the way to the grand water installation which was playing old music. The buildings themselves all had intricate designs, after learning more about the Grove I also began disliking it. It was evident that the extravagant … [Read more…]

Hollywood Sign

Last weekend, my friends and I hiked to one of the most significant landmarks in Los Angeles, California: The Hollywood sign. It is one of the most known American cultural icons in the world. There is widespread popular belief that it is thought to stand for the entertainment and film industry located in Hollywood and the … [Read more…]

Long Beach Polytechnic High School

Inspired by Elvin Mabborang’s post on Carbillo High School, I decided to write about my high school, Long Beach Polytechnic High School. I’m not a very good writer (engineer here!), so please bear with me. Long Beach Polytechnic High School is not your typical high school. It was founded in 1895 as “Long Beach High School,” … [Read more…]

Hollywood Walk of Fame

In the early stages of development, California’s four main industries were citrus, oil, water, and eventually film. Today, one of those industries still has a large visible presence in the city of Los Angeles, the film industry. Since 1960, one could no longer stroll down Hollywood Boulevard without noticing the impact of this industry, for … [Read more…]

Bergamot Station

On Saturday I took a stroll through Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. It gets its name back when it was a stop and car storage area for the L.A railroad in 1875. Bergamot flowers once thrived in that area apparently. Today it is an art gallery complex, and an extremely popular art destination for visitors … [Read more…]