Now-Piotr Kowalski

  Almost every day I’ve gone to campus I find myself walking passed a large sculpture near the University student Union (on the side with all the awkward heighted stairs leading to the Kin building). I would always look at it and have absolutely no idea what it was and I never found it to … [Read more…]

Staple Center

The Staple Center, one of the most popular sport complexes has been used for a variety of events. It holds a capacity of 18,118 people and has been one of the most used arenas. The complex is 950,000 square feet and has been a multipurpose complex for a variety of events from sporting events t … [Read more…]

LA Industry

For the past six months I’ve been working as an intern at The Boeing Company and it has been an interesting experience. I work within an industrial park in large buildings with over one thousand employees around me. It’s a very new experience for me coming from the much more modest employment areas of my … [Read more…]

Angel’s Flight

While visiting Los Angeles last summer, I had seen this interesting looking ride known as Angel’s Flight. I don’t know about you, but when I see something like this I feel the need to jump on board and play as if I were a ten year old boy. Unfortunately, my logic rushed back to me … [Read more…]

“U” as a Set

Claire Falkenstein’s “U” as a Set consists of a thorny tangle of copper piping. I pass by it almost every day, and each time it seems different. A trip last semester to the UAM’s symposium exhibit helped shed some light on the piece. The sculpture is a product of the 1965 Sculptural Symposium, when nine … [Read more…]