3 Things You Need to Know

Feb. 24, 2016 ~8:30am, 405 Freeway On Wednesday morning, as I was driving to class, something in the radio caught my attention, but it wasn’t what was reported but what was not. I’m not sure which station it was–either 102.7 (KIIS FM), 97.1 (AMP Radio), or 104.3 (MYfm)–because I usually only listen to the radio … [Read more…]

Leonis Adobe

I visited the Leonis Adobe Musuem on February 27th at 10 am. It was originally a four room adobe brick house built in 1884. When Miguel Leonis married the daughter of the chief of the Malibu Indians, he took control over the adobe house along with 11,000 acres of Native American land. He remodeled the home … [Read more…]

Los Angeles Zoo

  Visited: Febuary 26th 2016 11:08 AM I have been to many zoos and was extremely decided to go to the Los Angles Zoo for the first time. I think just the fact that it was THE Los Angeles Zoo made my expectations so much higher. I was expecting something completely out of the ordinary … [Read more…]

Olvera Street

I recently had the opportunity to visit Olvera Street, I had been there before several years ago and I remember I was fascinated by everything and how “Mexican” things were. Now that I go there all I see is the advertisement made for the street and how it looked like a zoo; the Mexicans all … [Read more…]

CSULB’s Sculpture Park

[EDIT: My apologies. I did not know there would be other posts on the exact same sculpture I wanted to talk about.] CSULB’s Sculpture Park is something every student at CSULB pass by every day while walking to class. Art is scattered everywhere you can imagine. Whether it’s upper campus, or lower campus, you can expect … [Read more…]

Knott’s Berry Farm

If you’re driving down the 91 freeway, through Buena Park, you are guaranteed to spot the epitome of the Spanish Fantasy that cloaks the story of Southern California’s past, Knott’s Berry Farm. From the beginning, Knott’s Berry Farm told the story that California wanted to create. Between 1927 and 1928, the early dawn of the … [Read more…]

The Walk of Fame – Hollywood Boulevard

When walking down Hollywood Boulevard it’s pretty hard not to be overwhelmed, there’s a little bit of everything going on for everybody from all walks of life. Hollywood Boulevard has stood as the symbol for what Hollywood is for years and will remain to do so. Hollywood boulevard was originally named Prospect Avenue, but upon … [Read more…]

Mulholland Drive

Earlier this week I found myself on Mulholland Drive on a road trip with some friends. Recognizing the name, I realized that this street was named after the man who masterminded the creation of the Los Angeles aqueduct. While William Mulholland was a very accomplished man, many of his accomplishments were at best morally gray. … [Read more…]