Festival of Books

Earlier this month was the LA Times Festival of Books. It’s an LA event now held at USC (previously at UCLA) every year since 1996. It’s basically paradise for a bibliophile. Rows and rows of booths with all sorts of books, from the latest releases to more vintage, signed volumes. Authors come for panel discussions, … [Read more…]

Compton Swap Meet

Last Thursday, I drove out to one of the most infamous locations in both Compton and hip hop music, The Compton Swap Meet. Although it closed down last year, the Compton Swap Meet for 32 years represented a culture and community of diversity. The Compton Fashion Center (as is it’s original name) was opened in 1985, taking … [Read more…]

Long Beach Swap Meet

For as long as I can remember, childhood weekends often involved packing the blue wire wheelie cart into the van and heading over to the swap meet. Of the many swap meets, antique and flea markets; the one at the Long Beach Veterans Stadium is definitely one of the more memorable. Most recently I went … [Read more…]

El Dorado Skatepark

Over the past weekend, my friends and I went to El Dorado Park to check out one of Long Beach’s favorited skateparks. Coming from a suburban town heavily influenced on skateboarding, I have been around a lot of skaters and have had exposure to various parks. At every park, there is a strong sense of … [Read more…]

Lakewood, CA

For a time, I lived in Long Beach, CA. In 2008, my family was looking to purchase a home, and in 2009, they purchased a Lakewood home. My family, a first generation immigrant family, was looking into suburban homes because it was less noisy, and depending on the suburb, much safer and cleaner too. When … [Read more…]

The Broad

A few days ago, I eagerly waited in line for an extremely long amount of time with a couple of my friends to see what all the hubbub surrounding this new contemporary art museum was about. Since its opening about six months ago, The Broad has gained an immense amount of popularity among the millennials. … [Read more…]